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  • LA Cookie Con, Here we Come!

    We're going to be at the LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show again this year Feb. 17 and 18 and we want to see you there!

    The biggest baking and pastry convention on the west coast, LA Cookie Con is a huge two-day convention filled with exhibitors, baking celebs and baking enthusiasts.Los Angeles baking supply warehouse

    You can meet thousands of Californians who share your love for all things sweet, salty and savory in the world of baking and sweets. This year's event at the LA Convention Center is four times the size of what it has been the past two years.

    The 2017 LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show is a can’t-miss event!

    Visit our booth. We'll be having major discounts, sweets samples, offers and demos.

    [Gracias to Kinwart for main photo]
  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day to all our wonderful staff and customers! We love you all!

    [Gracias to Aine for the photo]
  • Learn to Make Valentine's Day Mini Funfetti Cupcakes!

    As you know, Feb. 14  is Valentine's Day, which is a perfect holiday for making snacks that are as delicious as they are beautiful.

    Here is a tasty treat that is perfect for making on Valentine's Day and giving to your sweetheart. (Or you could just eat it yourself. No judging here.)

     Valentine's Day Mini Funfetti Cupcakes!


    • - Extra Moist White Cake Mix
    • - Plus Fudge Supreme
    • - Buttercream
    • - Pink and Red Sprinkles
    • - Pink soft gel food color
    • - Heart Sprinkles for decoration



    • - Bake extra moist white cake mix as directed on label
    • - Add sprinkles to your cake mix and bake
    • -A dd desired amount of plus fudge supreme to your Buttercreme for an indulgent chocolate flavor
    • - Ice your funfetti cupcake and decorate with heart sprinkle.


    Find everything you need and more at BakersBodega and BakersBodega Express

    baking supply warehouse Pico Rivera, Baldwin Park, Anaheim Find all the ingredients at BakersBodega
  • Valentine's Day a Great Time to Show off Creativity in Baking

    Whether you believe the “Saint” in St. Valentine’s Day gives it religious connotations or you simply believe it is all marketing, people use February 14 to show their affection toward that special someone in their lives or to celebrate friendship.

    In schools, students make Valentine’s Day boxes and give each other Valentine’s Day cards. Cards and little gifts like chocolates, cakes or balloons are often given between adults, as well. For the people who are really serious about Valentine’s, jewelry or a special dinner or date is the ticket.

    On V-Day, you know you’ll be seeing a lot of red and pink, as that has become the traditional color palette of the holiday.

    Like any holiday, if you are a baker, Valentine’s presents a great opportunity to show off your skills with themed cookies, cake pops, cakes, candy apples and more.

    If you don’t have time to bake, you can always get some frozen pastries to decorate with fondant, buttercream, whipped topping, sprinkles and more. The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination.

    Visit BakersBodega to see the wide variety of products we have on offer to help you get ready for Valentine’s Day. If you want to learn a new technique, stop in and take a class.

    Existen diversas teorías del origen de este día que se relacionan con cuestiones religiosas, otros afirman que es solo producto de la Mercadotecnia, sin embargo, para muchos es un día especial para demostrar el amor o cariño que sienten hacia su pareja sentimental o simplemente para celebrar la amistad, en las escuelas los niños acostumbran dar tarjetitas, chocolates o paletas a manera de detalle para celebrarlo, otros lo celebran con globos o pastel y hay quienes realizan cenas o fiestas especiales para la ocasión. Lo que si es un hecho, es que es un día muy divertido porque todo es en rojo o rosa, cualquier detalle que se ofrezca o recibas, ya que es el color que se relaciona. Quizás si sea finalmente un producto de la mercadotecnia para vender, pero es una ocasión muy bonita para dar o recibir obsequios, de los regalos más vendidos, pasteles decorados en forma de corazón, manzanas con caramelo, gelatinas artísticas, paletas de pan, quequitos, y para quienes se dedican a la repostería, es una excelente oportunidad para demostrar la creatividad, si no hay suficiente tiempo para hornear puedes comprar los pasteles ya congelados listos para decorar. Hoy en día existen diversos productos que puedes utilizar para decorar lo que quieras en repostería, es cuestión de escoger lo que más te guste y que vaya relacionado con el tema, el límite es tu imaginación. Visita para que veas la extensa variedad de productos, seguramente encontraras lo que esperas. También puedes aprovechar para revisar nuestro calendario y tomar algunas clases de tu interés.

    [Gracias to Kumar's Edit for the photo]

  • New BakersBodega Store Opens in Escondido!

    BakersBodega continues to expand in Southern California with our newest location now open in Escondido. This location has all of the products and services offered in our flagship store in Pico Rivera.

    It carries professional grade ingredients for bakeries, donut shops and home bakers, plus it has classes for all levels of cake decorators, and all of the tools and supplies needed for those classes.

    We selected Escondido because of its strategic location. From here we can service:

    North County San Diego, Temecula, Carlsbad, Oceanside and San Marcos.

    Come in and see our new location!

  • 5 Uses for Frozen Pastries

    Most everyone likes some kind of pastry. Whether you devour doughnuts, crunch cookies or bite biscotti, pastry is superb to munch on.

    But, pastry can also be time-consuming to make. Some types of pastry require exact directions and complex steps and people who don’t have a lot of time can find it difficult to set time aside to make pastry properly.

    Even a simple box cake mix for cupcakes can be too much to ask if you’re really short on time.

    There is a delicious alternative, though: frozen pastries.

    These ready-made treats are already crafted to perfection so you don’t have to worry about making them. They are great when you need a delectable treat in a hurry.

    Here are five uses for frozen pastry:

    Decorating Class: The main element to a decorating class is the decoration, not the baking itself. If you just want some pastries to learn with, it’s much easier to grab a pack of frozen pastry rather than go through the trouble of making your own for a class.

    Birthday Parties: It’s quite common nowadays for birthday parties to have themes and often the cupcakes and cookies will be decorated in these themes. If you make and decorate the cupcakes yourself, it is a major workload. However, using frozen cupcakes and cookies will cut that workload in half.

    Restaurants: Making all the different kinds of meals offered on a menu is difficult enough without throwing pastries into the mix. If you own a restaurant and you want to offer delicious desserts for after dinner, you can serve frozen pastries. (Thawed first, obviously.) To make them truly unique, put your own decorating twist on them before serving.

    Personal Use: Frozen pastries are great for when you want to experiment with your own decoration designs or you just want to practice what you’ve learned, but you don’t want to bother making an entire batch of something to do that with.

    Gifts: There is always an occasion where you can give a cake or some cupcakes or cookies as a gift. You’ll want to decorate them yourself, of course, but if you are running low on time or energy, why not let someone else do the baking for you and get some frozen pastries?

    At BakersBodega, you can find a wide variety of frozen cakes and other pastries in various flavors and presentations, choose the one that best fits your needs. They are delicious and ready to be decorated!

    5 usos para los pasteles congelados

    A la mayoría de las mujeres nos gusta el tema relacionado con la decoración, porque nos somos creativas por naturaleza, porque nos llama la atención, porque queremos aprender cosas nuevas, porque nos gustan las cosas bonitas, etc, pueden ser muchas razones, en el campo de la comida, se relaciona con el tiempo y muchas veces es lo que menos tenemos, afortunadamente existen diversos productos que nos ayudan a mejorar nuestra vida ahorrándonos tiempo y de buena calidad, estoy hablando en especifico de los pasteles congelados, una excelente opción para evitar a las amas de casa y mujeres que no cuentan con mucho tiempo para hornear, pero que quieren disfrutar o regalar un delicioso pastel, con la certeza que estará delicioso.  Estos son solo 5 usos de los muchos que les puedes dar a estos productos.

    Curso de repostería: Porque aquí lo que interesa es la decoración, no la manera de hornear el pan, entonces es excelente idea llevar o usar el pan congelado y concretarse al diseño.

    Cupcakes:  En cualquier fiesta de cumpleaños especialmente de niños son muy populares, y es muy común decorarlos con el tema del festejo, por lo que tu tiempo se centrara en ese diseño especial y no en hornear tantos quequitos como se requieran para la fiesta.

    Para un restaurante de comida:  Si el restaurante no se especializa en hornear pasteles, pero una de sus opciones para sus clientes es vender el postre, es una excelente idea usar pasteles congelados y usar el tiempo en decorado, que finalmente es lo que llamara la atención al comensal a la hora de elegir el postre.

    Uso personal: Cuando quieres experimentar con un diseño especial y que tienes nociones de decoración o estás en proceso de aprender, tú misma puedes comprar tus propios pasteles para practicar.

    Un regalo especial: Siempre hay una ocasión en la que podemos dar un pastel como regalo, y que mejor que decorarlo a nuestro gusto y creatividad.

    En BakersBodega, podrás encontrar una gran variedad de pasteles congelados en diversos sabores y presentaciones, escoge el que más se ajuste a lo que necesitas y listo, a decorar!

    [Gracias to Allie Cooper for the photo]
  • Happy New Year!

    Have a wonderful and prosperous 2017!

    Wishing everyone of our staff and our wonderful customers a very happy new year. We hope you are blessed with much good fortune in 2017. We consider ourselves fortunate to have you as a customer or have you working with us.

    We appreciate all of you so much.

    Los Angeles baking supply wholesale Pico Rivera Baldwin Park [Gracias to Berit Watkin for the photo]
  • Let Us Help You With All Your Christmas Goodie Decorating

    Christmas is one of the most beautiful and anticipated holiday seasons of the year with its bright decorations, Christmas dinners, gifts and of course lots and lots of food.

    The holiday season is a time of giving and receiving and it is characterized by creativity when decorating houses, choosing or making gifts and when presenting food.

    It is in the food where creative designs truly shine. Cakes and cookies with Santa’s face or a reindeer or a Christmas tree make a delightful addition to any holiday celebration. Cake pops are also ideal for decorating with Christmas designs from Santa hats to tree ornaments.

    Christmas is the perfect motivator to learn some new decorating techniques and learn how to make new dainties to share with friends and family.

    The only limit to what you can create is your own imagination. There are numerous online articles and videos you can use to learn with or you can take an in-person class. Molds of all kinds will help you make the perfect cookies and cakes in whatever size you require and you can easily add color to everything with edible paints. Or you could simply make a delicious cake and print your favorite picture on it.

    At BakersBodega, you'll find items for everything you need for the holidays. You can shop online or go directly to either of our stores in Pico Rivera or Baldwin Park.

    You'll be amazed at everything you can create with your own hands and a little help and advice from our staff and teachers who will gladly assist you during your next visit.

    La navidad es una de las épocas más hermosas y esperadas del año, adornos luminosos por donde quiera, posadas, cenas navideñas, regalos y mucha comida. Es una época de dar, recibir y se caracteriza por la creatividad tanto en decoración de las casas como a la hora de presentar la comida. Y es precisamente en la comida donde más lucen los diseños, un pastel con la cara de Santa, o un reno, o un árbol de navidad, galletas en forma de esferas, o de botas navideñas, cakepops con sombreros de santa, pasteles decorados con los más hermosos detalles de la época, es una muy buena excusa para aprender a hacer cosas nuevas, poder hacer tus propios postres con un increíble diseño. El límite es tu imaginación, existen numerosos artículos para hacer de tu experiencia creativa un éxito, moldes de todo tipo, para tus galletas o pasteles, en el tamaño que lo requieras, pinturas comestibles para un buen decorado, o simplemente hacer un delicioso pastel e imprimir tu imagen favorita en ella. En BakersBodega, encontraras un sinfín de artículos para todo lo que necesitas en esa fecha tan especial, puedes hacer tus compras en línea o acudir directamente a la tienda, te sorprenderás de todo lo que puedes crear con tus propias manos y un poco de ayuda con la asesoría de nuestros colaboradores y maestras que con gusto te atenderán en tu próxima visita.

  • 2016 Christmas Cookie Contest Winners!

    The 2016 BakersBodega Christmas Cookie Contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone for your participation. Choosing the winners was not an easy task since there were so many amazing cookies to pick from. We sincerely wish we could give out 10 more prizes because there are so many deserving cookies this year. 

    We wish all of our customers and all of our contestants a joyous and wonderful holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate.

    Chosen Winners:

    1st: Yanett Ortiz - $200 in store credit at either our Pico Rivera or Baldwin Park locations

    baking supply wholesale Pico Rivera Baldwin Park Yanett Ortiz

    2nd: Zoe Orlando - $100 in store credit at either our Pico Rivera or Baldwin Park locations

    baking wholesale warehouse Pico Rivera Baldwin Park Zoe Orlando

    Congratulations, ladies!

    Winners based on most Likes:

    1st: Alexandra Peres - 1,795 $200 in store credit at either our Pico Rivera or Baldwin Park locations

    baking supply warehouse Pico Rivera Baldwin Park Alexandra Peres

    2nd: Priscilla Silva - 1,481 $100 in store credit at either our Pico Rivera or Baldwin Park locations

    baking supply warehouse Pico Rivera Baldwin Park Priscilla Silva

    3rd: Lisa Barbosa - 203 $50 in store credit at either our Pico Rivera or Baldwin Park locations

    Pico Rivera Baldwin Park baking supply warehouse Lisa Barbosa


  • How To Use Guittard Chocolate

    Guittard Chocolate has changed their formula and we need to let our customers know about the change so that they can know how to use the product. Please download and read following details.

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