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Both professional and amateur bakers alike come to BakersBodega to find what they need to create their masterpieces at affordable prices. Whether you need a 2 pound bag of sugar or a 200 pound bag of sugar, BakersBodega can accommodate you. Our store is similar to warehouse club stores but without the hassle of membership. Anybody can come and shop without worrying about membership fees.

But BakerBodega is more than just a store. We regularly offer baking classes, hold baking contests and a run a popular baking blog, written by the most recognizable face in the Los Angeles baking scene, our lovable mascot Beto the Baker.



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You have never seen so many options! Change colors of dozens of elements, apply textures, upload background images...

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Fortis can be displayed on any screen. It is based on fluid grid system. If screen is resized, layout will be automatically adjusted...

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