Paramount Crystals by BakersBodega

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Paramount Crystals by BakersBodega

Paramount crystals are like a secret weapon for achieving perfectly smooth and lump-free melted chocolate. These small, white, waxy crystals are made from partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil with a dash of preservative.

They have many perks: 

Texture and Consistency: When you melt chocolate, paramount crystals enhance its texture, creating a smooth and creamy consistency. They prevent the chocolate from becoming too soft or moldable, which can be a common problem. 

Easy to Use: Just crush the crystals and add them to your melted chocolate. Start with small amounts (roughly a tablespoon at a time) to keep control over consistency. Too much can make it too thin. 

Versatility: Unlike coconut oil or cocoa butter, paramount crystals are flavorless, making them perfect for a variety of recipes. They also give your chocolate a shiny finish, similar to tempered chocolate.

How much to use? 1 teaspoon of paramount crystals for every 2 cups of melted chocolate.


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