Cream Cheese Filling by BakersBodega® 2 lb. Sleeve

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Size: 2 lb. Easy Sleeve
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BakersBodega is a name that you can trust every day for all your baking needs, including scintillating non-fruit fillings. Whether your recipe calls for a silky caramel filling or sweet crème, BakersBodega has the highest quality fillings for all types of applications.

All exotic non-fruit fillings, such as the Bavarian Crème filling and flavorful cheese filling, have a distinct flavor. When you bite into a Danish, donut, pastry, or any other baked goods, you will taste the deliciousness of BakersBodega, Westco and Sterling brand fillings.

Whether you’re adding a sweet layer of filling to your cake or filling your own mini pies, BakersBodega® Fillings provide the perfect flavor and quality. Try our Cream Cheese Filling for a sweet, creamy cheese flavor that is smooth and bakeable.

Available by case (6 sleeves per case) and 2 lb. sleeve. 

Simply the best complete offering of bakery ingredients. You can trust BakersBodega for the most consistent quality. Westco stands behind you as you proudly create the highest quality products to please your customers.

Whether it’s donuts, cakes, cookies, pies, brownies… you name it.

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