Number Birthday Cake

Nothing like celebrate with a number birthday cake, but what is special about? There are those who do not like to disclose their age and even take off their years in front of others when they answer that question.                                 

We believe that each year must be celebrated. That's why we invite you to make these delicious and fun cakes that are also in trend. All you need to do are cut the cake in the correct shapes and decorate it with all your favorite candy, chocolate or anything else you like.  This trend is easy because you do not need more than the number you want to recreate and your favorite filling, also the decoration is very simple and sophisticated, we could say that even elegant. 

We all have something to celebrate, or we know someone who, if he is not celebrating his birthday, may celebrate an anniversary and this cake is perfect for that.

Also this trend allows you to do it with letters, which is more fun for some, put the initials of your name or company, in a beautiful cake.

It is not necessary to be a professional decorator, the only thing you need is your desire and enthusiasm to learn new things and your cake will be a success. Are you ready to practice? Here, we present some ideas.