Jaylene Palacios General Manager

We are pleased to announce that our new manager Jaylene is already working with us, who has a great experience directing groups like Manager. As she has 14 years experience managing home depot.

 She has also worked as manager for companies such as Walmart, she also has enough couching experience. She feels comfortable working with people, has empathy for others and knows how to direct.  Besides all that, she is an event organizer in one of her favorite activities, she knows photography and likes to decorate, she has many qualities that we are sure is a good formula to perform her activities with us. Another of her passions is to bake and decorate, has previously taken classes at Michael's and has been a longtime customer of BakersBodega so she is familiar with our products. 

Jaylene is also wife, has been married for 24 years with her husband Adrian, with whom she has 3 children, Adrian, Carmen and Adriana. Jaylene is also cancer survivor, grateful to life and her environment, has many good ideas and desire to support us in this new position that she has accepted with us. Undoubtedly, a human being worthy to admire and support. We wish you every success in your new work.