French Macaron vs. Macaroon: Who is Who?

What’s the difference?

Ever since those French biscuits became the newest cupcake, there has been a great deal of confusion about that which one really calls them. They are frequently tagged macaroons, a seemingly benign misnomer. In reality, a macaroon isn't a synonymous word for all those French confections; a macaroon is a wholly different cookie entirely, in nearly every manner.

[Pink french macaroon with strawberry toppings’]

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The Similarities

The differences far outweigh the similarities, but both macaron and macaroon derive from the Italian word ammaccare, which means “to crush” (as in the nuts that are ground or chopped). They’re both biscuits. They’re both gluten free. That’s about it.

The Differences

Macaroons (mac-a-ROONZ), such as Chocolate Drizzled Clementine Coconut ones out of Unsophisticook, macaroons are a traditional standard Passover dessert, as they not feature leavening, and they are also made out of egg whites. Unlike the French macaron, a macaroon is thick, dense, and tooth-achingly sweet candy (but also incredibly delicious. If you go gaga for a Mounds or Almond Joy, macaroons are for you personally. Occasionally made with condensed milk and sometimes sugar, they are small lumps of coconut often dipped in chocolate.

Macaroon topped with chocolate and tangerine

[Macaroon topped with chocolate and tangerine]

A French macaron (maca-a-RON) needs a little bit of finesse. At a multistep baking procedure, one sifts floor sandwiches with sugar folds which to some stiff meringue. Macarons are piped onto parchment paper sheets, so let to dry for up to an hour or so, also baked. One afterward sandwiches them together with ganache, butter-cream or shake.


The Recipes

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Colorful French Macaroon

[Colorful French Macaroon]

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