French Macaron, the trendy dessert

This popular cookie has become a favorite for many people in the world.Probably its use is not recent; however it has become increasingly popular among people who like to bake. But what is it that makes it famous? can be many factors, its size, weight, the diversity of colors, its flavor, its speed to bake, price, the fact that it is known European dessert, the truth is that they are delicious and look spectacular for any occasion you need them, Especially at the dessert tables.


They are also very easy to do (once you know the technique) and you can use them for any occasion, even for yourself, watching your favorite show. Do not say for those who like the pastry and want to show off in some event. 
It is not by chance that it is a famous dessert in the old continent and that its popularity has been such that today it is news in America. We could consider this delicious cookie as the favorite of the show, the most popular and fashion and the best presentation letter in your decorations. You still do not know how to do them, what do you expect, nowadays there are many options where you can take a class and learn. Consider your options and dare to do something different, after all, you have nothing to lose, and on the other hand you can get a nice experience.