Cake Decorating tips of our best allies

If you want to be creative when decorating a cake one of our best tools to make beautiful decorations are the decorating tips, these tiny but effective and round tips are wonderful.
Any occasion is the best excuse to use them, at the same time that you practice and develop your creativity inventing different designs.

There are innumerable types of them, some bigger than others, different styles, and this versatility what makes them unique, imagine everything you can do with each of them, the limit is as far as you want to go. We all have something to celebrate, so you can start practicing with the one you like, or the one you consider easier, and increase your complexity in your creations as you gain experience, at the end of the day, everything is eaten and trial and error you learn.  Now, how to know which one you should use? There are many different sizes and designs available, which will allow you to make most any type of design and allow you to do a lot of creative decorating. Some of the common tips are the round tip for line work and writing, an open star tip for borders, a closed star for flower shapes, and the leaf tip for leaves and other border designs.


Give yourself the opportunity to know the range of options you can find and choose the one that you think best suits your decoration needs.