Alejandra Gutierrez

With only 26 years of age, Alejandra Gutierrez already has experience baking and decorating delicious and beautiful creations made by herself.

Her training is based on her desire to learn and her ability to create decorations in her cakes and desserts. She learned watching videos and tutorials on the internet, besides practicing them and taking classes, she was a BakersBodega student taking classes with the teacher Gigi, Daisy and Ms. Kathy.

Decorating and making cakes, is more than a hobby for her, is to continue learning new things, use her creativity and teach what she knows to other people so that they have the opportunity to do their own business and be excellent decorators.

Since she was a girl, she started making cakepops and selling them to her family and friends, later she started making cakes and decorations and now it is the people who are looking for her to request her services.

We have the privilege that today she is part of the BakersBodega family and is our instructor at the Anaheim branch.Alejandra has a lot of charisma, the ability to transmit her knowledge and the passion for her work makes it a privilege to take a class with her. We invite you to visit any of our branches and take a class, in addition to learning new techniques and skills, we assure you that you will spend some fun and interesting hours.